Our Philanthropy portfolio aims to provide educational, fundraising and volunteering opportunities for BITSA and the wider UNSW community. Our events will cover a wide range of areas of philanthropy such as mental health, health & disability and children & youth to raise awareness and support charities.

BITSA Philanthropy

In 2021, BITSA introduced the Philanthropy portfolio with a vision of leading progressive change through providing engaging and impactful not-for-profit opportunities. The portfolio organized many innovative initiatives which helped to uplift and support the wider community, as well as generate student interest in philanthropy.

BITSA x I4C: Wellbeing Day

BITSA’s philanthropy portfolio partnered with Investing 4 Charity (I4C) to host a wellbeing day which allowed students to de-stress before upcoming exams and donate towards mental health organization Beyond Blue. Students had the opportunity to destress by learning different methods of unwinding, playing with dogs, eating biscuits and drinking warm tea. Through the event, BITSA importantly helped to provide a safe space for people to talk openly about mental health and well-being. An incredible $272 was raised from donations for Beyond Blue.

Wings4Life World Run

On the 9th of May at 9pm, UNSW BITSA joined thousands of people across the world in running to support Redbull Wings for Life to help find a cure for spinal cord injury. Wings for Life is a non-profit foundation that seeks to support and fund research for clinical studies and projects around the world. BITSA’s team helped raise over $780 for spinal cord injury research through the run and all participants helped to spread awareness of the notable cause.

Dares for Donation

The Philanthropy portfolio hosted an internal event which rewarded the confidence of subcommittee members through pledging donations for dares performed. A total of $888 was raised for UNICEF’s India COVID-19 Crisis to provide relief as India faced a second wave.

Blood Drive

A group of BITSA’s internal members took part in the society’s first blood drive with the Australian Red Cross to help save lives. The group gathered at the Town Hall Donor Centre and had a picnic after to rejuvenate.

Stay tuned to see what exciting events we have planned for this year!