BITSA Collection

First Years Guide


Calling all first years and tech enthusiasts alike!!

We’ve curated the most essential information and knowledge into an easily digestible first years guide!

Familiarise yourself with the UNSW lingo or read up on where the best study and foods spots are  Whether you’re on struggle street, or breezing through the transition into University life - You’ll find the answers to your queries and many more tips and tricks throughout the guide

Careers Guide


Are you wondering where a degree in Information Systems can take you?

The BITSA 2022 Careers Guide provides key information about job opportunities and careers paths within the business and tech industry! Including interviews with industry professionals and valuable insight from our sponsors, this guide aims to help students understand the corporate world of technology.

BITSA Magazine


2021 Publications committee presents the BITSA End of Year Magazine for 2021!

We believe this magazine has encapsulated very crucial moments in our society’s timeline, particularly through COVID-19. There’s no doubt it was a difficult time for all, though we hope to have provided an online, connected community despite the hardships of this year.

Thank you to all who were committed to the development of this magazine, and to those supporting BITSA through attending events and getting involved.